Corporate Training

We are fully equipped to cater to the specific needs in training of the employees for Enhancing the required soft skills and technical skills in them for higher productivity and organizational growth.

“Soft” Skills are known to make an employee good and easy to work. Any individual qualities, behaviour and approaches influence how we interact and work with others. Companies value soft skills because they are often linked to job performance and career success. Soft skills may mean the difference between who can do the job and who actually gets the job.

Canara HRD Training Modules execute the following:

  • H.R.Audit (To streamline HR services from Recruitment to Retirement).
  • Employee Motivation exercises and Talent Retention Processes.
  • Creating congenial work culture and establishing good HR practices.
  • Carrying out Employee Perception Survey.
  • Assessment of Competencies and enhancing Managerial efficiency.
  • Implementing Performance Management System with rewards & recognitions.
  • Soft skills & Behavioural skills.
  • Employee Skill up gradation exercises and their utilisation.